Halo Downloads for Mac Download Directories

Directories of resources for Windows and Mac:

If you are using a Mac that uses an Intel processor and runs Mac OS 10.6.8 or newer, you can play among Halo PC and Halo Mac players using Halo Mini Demo. HaloMD is open source and its GitHub page is here: foonull/HaloMD.

If you have a CD Key for the PowerPC version of Halo for Mac and are using a PowerPC computer, you can download that version here:

This is an all-in-one download that contains modding programs specifically for Mac. They are generally compatible among various versions of the Mac operating system.

Several programs have been developed by the community of Mac programmers, but many of them have been antiquated. You can test them to see if they are functional. You will find that some have bugs, so archive regular backups of whatever map file you intend to modify.

Currently, you should use the provided copy of Eschaton 0.8.1 for generic modification of tags within map files.