Halo Downloads for Windows Download Directories

Directories of resources for Windows and Mac:

Windows has The Halo Editing Kit, which is currently the premier map development toolkit. If you have a CD Key for Halo PC, you should install these in the following order:

  1. Halo PC
  2. Halo Custom Edition (this is the English version)
  3. The Halo Editing Kit
  4. Updates for Halo PC and Halo CE
  5. Required Audio Files
  6. A Hobo to use instead of Sapien
  7. Kornman00 to use instead of Guerilla
  8. Tool Pro to use as an alternative option to Tool

If you intend to use 3DS Max for modeling and animation, you can use the 3DS Max scripts included here:

Currently, you should use the Windows version of Eschaton 0.8.1 for generic modification of tags within map files, although its support is limited for Halo Custom Edition map files which do not contain commercial tag metadata. If you need to obtain tags from commercial map files, the current program to do this is HEK+. HEK+ has some issues and requires running it in Windows XP compatibility mode without visual themes. You should only use it to extract tags from Halo PC map files, and two different versions are provided here; if you encounter an issue using the first, try the second.